Libs cut to migration shows one thing - they'll do nothing about infrastructure

Libs cut to migration shows one thing - they’ll do nothing about infrastructure

When it was increasingly looking like the rate of infrastructure development was too slow, NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian had a classic Liberal play up her sleeves: blame the immigrants.

Of course it doesn’t matter that the immigrants aren’t to blame. It doesn’t matter that migration rates are right on projections based on a stable rate of migration for the last 8 years. Migration has not changed the equation, but the Liberal Party progress on the development of infrastructure has fallen behind.

With the Federal Liberal Party announcing just three days before the NSW State election that they will cut immigration, the message from the Liberals is clear: migrants are to blame not them, apparently.

It doesn’t matter that the Eastern Suburbs light rail is massively overdue and over budget. It doesn’t even matter that it’s taken the Liberals 8 years to announce (note, not build) upgrades to the Western Line when it has been at stretching point the entire time they have been in government.

This strategy is deliberate, and it has been a long time in the works. It’s a strategy that also has negative consequences for the rest of the community, permissioning worse expressions of hatred, all the way up to our least favourite senator’s remarks. Blame immigrants, not the Liberals, and who cares about the impact on the broader community.

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