How to vote for the James Jansson Team for NSW

How to vote for the James Jansson Team for NSW

We’re column S - all the way to the second from the right - in the Legislative Council ballot paper (upper house).

We have our how-to-vote cards ready for you to view (more instructions below about preferences!)

How to vote front

How to vote back

Please make sure you use your preferences, to maximise the power of your vote. Voting “1” above the vote doesn’t mean that your vote automatically gets passed along if your chosen group doesn’t get elected. You MUST indicate your preferences.

We aren’t giving directions on who to put number 2, 3 etc, however we encourage you to look at other minor parties, and also place some larger parties in your preference list. NSW Electoral Commission’s website has a page that lists candidates (both in the upper house and lower house) with links to their websites. You can also check out the ABC’s guide to the NSW election

The James Jansson Team is an independent team in Column S on the upper house ballot, made up of members of the Science Party. Read more about our policy here and the team here.


James Jansson

is part of the James Jansson Team for NSW Legislative Council (state upper house).